American Leopard Hound Dog: Breed Information and Pictures

The American Leopard Hound, also known as the American Leopard Cur, is a versatile and ancient breed originating from North America. These dogs are highly valued for their hunting skills, loyalty, and adaptability, making them an excellent choice for families, active singles, hunters, and those living in rural areas or homes with backyards.

Life Expectancy

American Leopard Hounds have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, similar to the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

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Known as excellent hunting dogs, American Leopard Hounds are loving, devoted, and protective of their families, especially children. They form strong bonds with their owners and are eager to please. Their protective nature makes them excellent companions for kids.

American Leopard Hound Dog


American Leopard Hound puppies typically cost around $1000 or more, reflecting their rarity and desirability.

Size and Weight

  • Weight: 35 to 70 pounds
  • Height: 22 to 26 inches for males, 20 to 24 inches for females


Regular training is essential for Leopard Hounds. They need plenty of exercise, such as long walks or the freedom to run around outside. Positive reinforcement-based training methods work best, though these dogs have an independent streak and require consistent, loving but firm guidance.


American Leopard Hounds are low-maintenance in terms of grooming. Their double coat needs only occasional brushing and baths when they are dirty.


These dogs do shed but are not high-maintenance regarding their coat.

Coat Colors

American Leopard Hounds come in six colors: Merle, Brindle, Black & Tan, Blue, and Yellow.

American Leopard Hound


American Leopard Hound puppies are not picky eaters. They thrive on high-quality dry or canned dog food.


Generally healthy, American Leopard Hounds do not suffer from many genetic diseases. However, breeding two leopard-patterned dogs together can lead to hereditary issues related to hearing and vision. Early training and socialization are crucial to manage their high prey drive and ensure they get along well with other pets and guests.

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By understanding the grooming, training, and nutritional needs of the American Leopard Hound, you can ensure a healthy and happy life for your new puppy. For more information, visit the Catahoula Leopard Dog.