Louisiana State Dog – family dog – dangerous? Pictures

Louisiana State Dog is also known as Catahoula Leopard Dog. Catahoula is a Choctaw Indian word which means as “sacred lake.” Since the dogs began in the area around Lake Catahoula, it was only fundamental that they finally became known as Catahoulas themselves.

Since the dogs brought spots in their coats, similar to a leopard, this description was operated into the name.

Today, you’ll hear these dogs referred to as Catahoulas, Catahoula Curs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs, No matter which name is adopted, each link to the same breed.

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Are Catahoula good family dogs?

Catahoulas are extremely protective of the kids in their family. Always manage synergies between kids and dogs. They can be offensive toward other dogs, mainly if both dogs are male. Catahoulas are quick watchdogs and suspicious of outsiders.

Louisiana State Dog

Louisiana State Dog Health Issues

Overall, Catahoula Dog manages to be very healthy animals also the most general health issues in these dogs are:

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Deafness may happen in one or both ears. Breeders have also seen that the white coat coloring a dog takes, the greater the possibility that it will allow some duration of deafness.

Louisiana State Dog that is usually white, or a white-faced puppy with glassful eyes, also has an 80% probability of obtaining bi-laterally deaf or uni-laterally enforcement.

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Hip dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia is a disorder that afflicts many dog breeds. A gap in the production of the hip bone and its support produces casual wear of the cartilage that loads the joint.

When the cartilage is gone, bone grinding against bone causes pain when the dog walks. This leads to hobbling.

Life Expectancy

Louisiana State Dog very healthy and strong breed, these dogs are also usually long-lived. They don’t have to live 12 to 15 years and remain spry well into old age.

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The correct roots of the Catahoula Leopard Dog are strange, but it is believed that these dogs first came in the United States in Louisiana.

Therefore, these dogs have long been a unique spot in the heart of Louisianans. The Catahoula was described as the official Louisiana state dog in 1979.

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Louisiana State Dog

Is Louisiana State Dog dangerous?

Catahoulas are very faithful and protective. They’re great and sometimes forceful, but not offensive. They do, intend to make sure you are bound at all times. So please don’t do anything with your body that doesn’t look natural.

Owner as Pack Leader

These dogs have big tempers, and they are born to restrain also If you do not establish yourself up as your dog’s pack leader from day one, you are forced to have problems his whole life.

These dogs are not the kind for affected owners because they’ll set their laws and become offensive if their human partners don’t comply.

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Louisiana State Dog FACTS

Since there is so much lack of consistency within the Catahoula breed, it’s necessary to know the standard features with these dogs. The word Catahoula means “clear eyes.” These dogs are recognized for owning beautiful glowing eyes that are described as glassy.

Some Catahoula dogs have tiny blue eyes, but this is not the only color you’ll notice. Brown and gold are also natural eye colors. These dogs also have webbed feet and large chests.

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Janeen’s Catahoula Leopard Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit performance group committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing Catahoulas, and Catahoula mixes in loving, always homes.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Rescue


Catahoula Rescue of New England is an all-volunteer group whose purpose is to support for abandoned Catahoula Leopard dogs and Catahoula mixes, to place them in stable, loving homes, and to encourage capable guardianship through liberal education.

We have rescued, and re-homed many Catahoulas and Catahoula mixes and diligently managed to save as many of these beautiful dogs as possible.


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a rare breed as exciting and unique as its name. The name “Catahoula” truly comes from the Indian word signifying, ‘clear water. Governor Edwin Edwards executed the Catahoula Leopard dog the official state dog of Louisiana in 1979.

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Catahoula Leopard Dog Rescue


As is the case with most herding breeds, Catahoulas conduce to be territorial and are very protective of their homes and yard, also they make excellent watchdogs. They are faithful and loving with their owners, but they are not immediately drawn to strangers.

It takes a Catahoula truly a while to be friends with new people. They are very protecting their human families, as well as of the cattle; they are filled with herding and keeping secure.

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One of the best points about this dog is that it’s very affordable. You can take home one of these puppies for around $500 and $700. The price of this dog is low because they have not yet been identified as registered by the AKC.

But this is just as great because once they complete pedigreed status, then growers will try to grow them for show dog aspects which can create the dog to increase diseases and tendencies over time.

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catahoula bulldog

HISTORY OF THE Louisiana State Dog

Louisiana State Dog origin is unknown, but it is considered that these dogs first appeared in the USA. Therefore, these breeds have long been a unique place in the heart of Louisianans. The Catahoula was identified as the absolute nature dog in 1979.


The Louisiana State Dog is a very energetic dog and has a quick metabolism. When you link these factors with their comparatively heavyweight, then you will need to support them around 4 cups of meal per day. You should divide this into three or four feedings a day, starting early in the morning and ending right before nights of sleep.


These dogs need a lot of training. They were bred uniquely as outside hunting and functioning dogs. They’re created to resist going miles every day and have lots of strength. They are a great outdoor pet, and many favors to live, eat, and sleep outdoor.