Catahoula Pit Mix – Catahoula leopard dog Breeds, Pictures

Catahoula pit mix is a cross between Catahoula and Bulldog. The American Bulldog is one of the most famous pedigreed dog breeds in the earth today. These dogs are high weighted, weighing 40 to 50 pounds, flat to the ground, and have a small, flat layer.

Crossbreeding bulldogs are especially good for this breed’s long-term energy since the bulldog has the brachycephalic face pattern.

This face shape can perform basic health issues such as extreme eye breaking, fear biting, breathing difficulties and pain with overexertion.

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Catahoula pit mix

A Weigh of Catahoula Bulldog can go from 40 to 90 pounds, although the largest dogs will weigh 40 to 60 pounds. The life span is eight to 14 years.

The Catahoula Pit mix is a unique and almost new style pooch whose reputation has just begun to take off. With many owners opting for something, a few differences from the typical family pets such as the Labrador, and Catahoula Leopard Dog are growing more popular.

The Catahoula Cur is quite a large breed, so when it’s combined with the American Pitbull, the result can be a slightly more flexible and loving pooch. While he is not satisfied with every family home, there is something special about this mixed breed puppies.

As long as you are working and an old and strong dog buyer, this breed can make an excellent canine friend. Let’s take a more intimate look to see if the Catahoula Pitbull mixed kind puppies are the ideal canine for you and your lifestyle.

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Catahoula pit mix Parent Breeds

To fully experience a dog and what genes he can anticipate inheriting. It is important to learn a little about his origins. He could receive any sequence of genes and traits, so you must be sure that you like them all.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

This dog is less well recognized than the Pitbull except you exist in Louisiana as he is their state dog. He is identified after a sacred lake found there. 

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Catahoula pit mix

Catahoula pit mix Origin

He is a cross of what is supposed to be Spanish Mastiffs, and Greyhounds led to the area by Spanish tourists in the 16th Century. 

Also known as the swine dog, his primary profession was to hunt wild pig in South-Eastern America. 

Operators were so excited by his courage that he grew a popular ranch hand. In packs. They use their unique herding ability to build a canine wall throughout the stem to allow their master to guide them.

The hardworking Catahoula pit mix is honest, fair, and careful, and he makes a diligent canine partner. He is also recognized to make a great house pet for the best family. He requires strict and firm owners to know their mind unless he is understood to become dangerous.

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Catahoula Dog

Whether you consider teaching your dog to hunt or herd or are simply seeing for a great family pet, there are many benefits to parenting a Catahoula cur. 

Your Louisiana Catahoula puppy might not look exactly like other examples of the breed you have noticed. Still, you can add confidence, high energy, and love from your new canine buddy.

The short, single layer is colored in a merle or black/tan design. Some coatings can be familiar, but most are tiny but strong. 

Color is an essential characteristic in this herder: eye color and coat colorwork in a very integral and significant way. 

The skull is broad and flat. The legs are solid and strong-boned. The deep chest gives for good heart and lung capacity.

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Catahoula Cur


The weight of an adult Catahoulas Cur is 55 – 80 pounds (16 – 37 kg), while the height is 22 – 26 inches (56 – 58 cm )in Males and 20 – 24 inches (51 – 61 cm) in Females. The dog’s weight is adjusted with height.


A pet Catahoula is not aggressive toward people. He is careful of strangers but never bashful. With household members, he is very caring and protective. Males can be a little aggressive toward other male dogs.

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Prone to hip dysplasia and deafness. Along with deafness (both ears or just one), this kind might have eye difficulties (tunnel vision, the eye won’t clear all the way, the pupil is unfamiliar, etc.). 

As a breed, they are almost free of a lot of diseases. Some older dogs are known to have overpowered cancer.


Although these dogs have been throughout for hundreds of years, they have only newly been recognized as an official breed by different kennel clubs, including the United Kennel Club in 1995.

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We hope you have liked learning more about the single Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog also some of the most famous Catahoula mixed dogs bred today.

Let’s look at some of the most popular Catahoula dog mixes.

  • The Catahoula and labrador
  • A Catahoula and boxer
  • The Catahoula and pitbull
  • A Catahoula and German shepherd


After understanding how active these dogs were at working with livestock, people started selectively breeding more of them for this very goal, and that’s how the herding ability became so established continuously in the breed.

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Catahoula German shepherd mix

One of the first things you’ll see when looking at Catahoula puppies is that they differ widely in shape. Catahoulas are not all the same color or size, and they don’t all have the same senses.

This is one of the reasons that this breed is not a member of the AKC. People who are excited about Catahoulas decline to focus on breeding for the unity of appearance.

Some Catahoula dogs have just 1 color but others Catahoula are more than 1 color. Any mixture can include layers in red Catahoula such as silver, blue, black, brown, and white. Labrador Retrievers and Australian blue Heelers Catahoula Dog coats may appear to relate to those.

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