A strong work ethic and has a striking appearance of Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders. To keep them occupied with time breed to work in swamps and forests, they are tough dogs, and they require a leader who is consistent and firm. In the shelters or rescue groups, you may find them although these are rare and purebred dogs.

They do need lots of exercises but with their humans, these pups are very affectionate. Experienced pet parents and fenced-in yard and they will do best in a home with a big.

Of the breed standard breeding Catahoula Leopard Dogs is a task that requires knowledge, the breed faces understanding of the genetic problems, and with the appropriate breed clubs willingness to register. The breed’s appearance is less important than its working ability it is important to know before the breeding of Catahoula leopard dogs.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders

Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders Stud and Bitch:

If you intend to breed from you must study the background of the dogs. Where your dog comes from you will need to know, and what 6 generations they were like of ancestors. All this includes investigating health problems in the dogs’ bloodlines that are present. Their puppies are healthy and fit every Catahoula breeder wants to ensure that.

Because hip dysplasia, Catahoula’s are porn, before breeding to take measure is a response to getting your dogs screened for the disease. With your local veterinary for X-rays book your dogs, any dysplasia problems that can identify that may affect your puppies. Both score low on their OFA hip dysplasia screening ideally you should breed from a bitch and stud. You will receive a certificate number if your dog passes their OFA exam and their number valid for 1 year. Based on guidelines made for the breed the OFA can also offer you some breeding advice. With OFA eye certification ideally, you should breed from a stud and bitch.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders

Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders birthing issues :

Rather than appearance, the Catahoula breeders focus on working ability, probably the breed’s lower dystocia rates experiences than any other breeds. However that the Catahoula’s cannot any experience dystocia this does not mean.  This potentially life-threatening complication you must know that sign if you intend to breed your dam. Without delivering any puppies your bitch may have strong contractions for more than 30 minutes. And another sign is black and green discharge for more than 3 hours with no puppies. Your veterinary will either administer oxytocin or carry out a C-section if your bitch experience dystocia.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeders

Some highlights of Catahoula leopard dog:

  • To live outside the Catahoula should not be left. Dose poorly in isolation and he is a companion dog.
  • Catahoula’s are highly intelligent and need consistent training, firm, and patient.
  • Catahoula needs daily at least an hour of vigorous exercise and they are energetic dogs.
  • Catahoula puppies need durable and tough toys.
  • Toward other dogs, Catahoula’s can be aggressive, especially if both dogs are male.


In this article, I will discuss the breed of Catahoula leopard dogs. I will discuss all the issues and concerns that are related to their breed. I also discuss their breed issues and other signs. About their health problems and other issues, all discuss in the above article.

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