Catahoula Boxer Mix – Personality, Health, Care, Pictures

Catahoula Boxer Mix is a crossed kind dog between the Boxer and the Catahoula. This should be a very friendly dog that might try and herd you about the house and might have offensive tendencies. 

Is it also like the Boxer or the Catahoula? Those are the issues we will try and answer below. 

While we suggest that you get all animals through a rescue, we realize that some people might go for a breeder to get their Catahoula Boxer Mix puppy.

If you are involved in helping pet rescues raise money, please play our quiz. Each correct answer provides to help support shelter animals.

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Catahoula Boxer Mix


Like all crosses, you have to look to the origins to get a good read on how they will fit behave. This could make for a very big and strong breed with a lot of power and a high victim drive. 

Both of these parent breeds have more powerful energy and a very strong victim and drive abilities. They should get along fine with other pets if shown and socialized correctly as well.

They are slightly fitted to independence or alone time when the family is loud or full. She reacts well to concrete coatings, like all dogs.

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Catahoula Boxer Mix Health

All dogs can evolve hereditary health difficulties as all breeds are sensitive to some things more than others. But, getting a puppy is one real thing because you can withdraw this as much as possible.

A rancher should give a fitness guarantee on puppies. If they won’t do this, see no more and don’t think that breeder. A reliable breeder will be fair and open about the breed’s health difficulties and the extent to which they happen. 

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Catahoula Boxer Mix Care

Both of these dogs have slightly shorter hair and should be moderately easy to groom. The Catahoula will drop more, but it still has less hair. Be able to clean them a few times a week. 

Both way, get ready to buy in a good space if you want to keep your grounds clean! Give them showers as required, but not so much that you wipe out their skin. Never bind your dog up outward – that is inhumane and not fair to him.

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Catahoula Boxer Mix


Many times food is served on a per-dog base. Each one is different and has different dietary conditions. Most dogs in the U.S. are overweight. 

A mix like this one likely to hip and elbow dysplasia should be on fish oil and glucosamine and chondroitin additions as soon as possible.

A good diet to see into is Raw Food and one might want to also consider an all natural dog supplement to help support overall health.

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