Catahoula Border collie mix is a result of a crossbreed of Catahoula dog breed and Border collie dog breed. A unique mix breed is obtained when they are a crossbreed and the Border collie dog and Catahoula dog have different temperaments. With a hunting background,

you will ever meet the Border collie is one of the friendliest dogs and this is a friendly dog breed is a handsome breed. Parent breed is Resembles some of the traits. On a monthly based the health of him. it should be check. As related to allergies and skin diseases they can develop. Too much appealing the appearance of Catahoula Border collie mix dog.

History of Catahoula Border collie mix:

All designer and hybrid dogs are tough to get a good read on to them as there is not much history. In the last 20 years breeding specific dogs has become common like this or so even though I am sure that due to accidental breeding this mixed breed found it is share of dogs to the shelter. Please beware of puppy mills if you are looking at breeders for new designer dogs. Specifically for profit, these are places that mass puppies are produced and do not care at all about the dogs.

Catahoula Border Collie Mix

The temperament of Catahoula Border collie mix:

It is a very sweet and young-natured dog. They like to protect their families and they are very good companions. They are so relaxing puppies that are why peoples like to spend time with them. Easily make they can their people relax and calm. They are very kind and very gentle. People surrounding them are very friendly with them.

This trait is dominant in the Catahoula Border collie and Catahoula is an aggressive dog. On daily basis, they need to exercise and they are very smart dogs. Around the house, they keep on moving and they are very active so they do not like longer to sit. These dogs are family-oriented.


Medium-sized dogs are Height and weight contain their size. 30 to 80 pounds is the average weight of the Catahoula Border collie mix. And 19 to 24 inches average height of the dog.

Catahoula Border Collie Mix

life span

Then their parent breeds Catahoula has a slightly longer life span. 10 to 17 years they can live an average life. And this is an ideal life span. People like their company so much and after their life span ends they do not want to lose them. They can die without any health issue or either may develop any disease. These need training on how to control anger at the initial stage of their life. They are a bit angry so to teach them manners they required a proper time.


In this article, I discuss all the breed dogs. we discuss their life span their qualities and their size and height. Also discuss their weight and average lifetime. we discuss their common diseases and any other health issue. The history of the Catahoula Border collie mix is also discussed in the above article.

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